This is a data visualization project for the classic song "Satellite of Love". I created a series of cards to visualize both qualitative and quantitive data of each cover of the song from 1970 to 2017 by different artists. In the front, I created a frequency diagram and a background texture to visualize my feeling about each cover. At the back, I assigned a zodiac sign for each of the cover based on the characteristics of the sign and the emotion of the cover. Then, I listed the quantitive information for each cover as an identity card in association with these zodiac signs.

围绕 ”Satellite of Love” 创作的一组信息可视化项目,此项目包含十二张书签,每一张书签分别展示了从1983年至2017年期间不同歌手对其进行的的原唱及翻唱版本。我以对每个版本收集的主观及客观信息为基准,分别从感性及理性的角度对它们进行了刻画,并根据卫星探索的主题,以音频线和黄道十二星座图作为视觉元素对其进行了视觉修辞从而展现本项目的叙事性及趣味性。