I designed a series of 14 red envelopes(Red Packets) to address different types of insecurities that are faced by the younger generation in China nowadays. (Red Envelope is a type of traditional monetary gift usually given by adults to kids in the Spring Festival.) I aimed to use the notion of “gift” to resemble the personal qualities that lead to people’s insecurity. Further, I wanted to challenge the traditional aesthetics of red envelopes and the notion of monetary gifts by incorporating a more innovative and playful visual language. Overall emotionally, I intended to communicate a message that the qualities or characteristics you are insecure with or anxious about could also be seen as gifts given to you in a positive way.

​这是一组以自我怀疑为主题的红包设计。本人以中国传统礼物 “红包” 作为媒介,对14种当代年轻人外在及内在不安全感进行视觉探索。本项目致力于用 ”礼物“暗含的正向概念类比这些让年轻一代怀疑自我的先天条件或后天选择,并打破传统红包的视觉呈现,以更加丰富的视觉元素及更具张力的视觉语言表达复杂多样的内心情感矛盾及自我认知。